Hi there, my name is Chadwick!

I'm a multidisciplinary designer; my passion lies in utilizing the latest technology to craft solutions that solve users' problems and enhance culture with its beauty.

What I do.

Industrial Design
UI Design
UX Research
Visual Design
Motion Design


Loyalty Program - Mobile App

BluCard is a loyalty program for small businesses. I led the design team as a creative director to create the app and website.

Linum Care

Skin Care Brand - Logo & Packaging

Linum Care is a gender-neutral skincare brand for which I designed the logo and assisted in exploring packaging concepts.


Car Detailing - Mobile App

ALPHASHINE is a subscription-based car detailing app that eliminates the hassle of keeping your vehicle clean. I helped ALPHASHINE reinvent its user experience and rebrand.

Bad ideas are simply stepping stones to good ones.

- Stefan Sagmeister

My design philosophy centers around creating emotionally engaging experiences that balance functionality, aesthetic appeal, and well-being for users. To find the best solution, you must collaborate, fearlessly challenge the status quo, and embrace failure. Good design values craftsmanship, storytelling, attention to detail, and a balance between form and function. Empathy-driven, user-centric design is critical to determining if a design is intuitive, inclusive, and adequately meets the user's needs. Ultimately, design should solve real-world problems while enriching our culture with its artistic value.

Arpit Dalmia

My Manager at Frenter

Chadwick is an impressive and versatile product designer with a great eye for detail, creativity, and a wide range of skills. He takes a holistic approach to design and has a great sense of branding and aesthetics. Chadwick is a team player who listens to feedback and can adapt to different projects. Overall, I highly recommend him for his outstanding results and unique ability to bring any project to life.

Chris Lafleche

CEO at Kynite

Chadwick's work on the bluCard project at Kynite was crucial to its success. As Creative Director and Lead Designer, he led our UX and branding teams with expertise. His adaptive approach and in-depth knowledge of industry standards resulted in a unique and accessible solution that exceeded expectations. Highly recommend his skills for any project.

Maheen Yacoob

Team Member at Alphashine

Chadwick was my first manager in Canada and accommodating as I adjusted to a new place and company. He is very well-informed in graphics & UX/UI design. He managed various aspects of the company effectively, including social media marketing and photography. Chadwick's creativity would be an asset to any team.

Frederick Lloyd

College at Galtronics

Chad has a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and motivation. He produced numerous prototype parts aiding engineers in designing antenna systems. He is well-organized, responsive, and collaborative, and his vast creative abilities blend well with his technical and mechanical skills. Chad is personable and approachable, and working with him has been a pleasure.

Former Clients

Why I switch to


Nine years ago, I started working part-time as a freelancer in Web and Graphic Design. I was initially drawn to Industrial Design because I wanted to understand design from a broader perspective. However, after working in Industrial Design for a while, I decided to pursue UX/UI Design to gain a better understanding of how people interact with design from a psychological perspective.

Rather than identifying solely as an Industrial Designer or a Product Designer, I view myself as a multidisciplinary designer. Both fields complement each other, allowing me to approach design from a more holistic perspective. While not every problem can be solved through an app or website, every problem does have a solution.

Let's bring your ideas to life.

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