The Ex Race

Parkour-Style Obstacle Course

The EX Race was an exciting parkour-style obstacle course for The CNE Summer 2019 season. This adrenaline-fueled course was massive, spanning 200 ft wide and rising over 20 ft in the air.

Each obstacle was crafted to push competitors to their limits while thousands of onlookers cheered them on daily.‚Äč Created as a touring show, the course was constructed using trusses and plated steel tubing bracketed together with industrial clamps and pins for easy assembly and disassembly. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the tour was canceled, and the project's future is uncertain.

My Role
Industrial Designer, Event Design, Marketing, Construction, Site Planning, Fabrication, Course Layout Design
CNE through Rick Davis Promotions
Project Details
Duration: May - July 2019

As the Principal Designer, I was responsible for the course layout and designing custom obstacles.

I also supported the site manager by overseeing material ordering and shipping during fabrication. On-site, I provided creative direction and solved any issues that arose. Additionally, I led the online marketing efforts to attract contestants.

Anyone at the CNE could compete if they pass our Qualifier Course.

Participants competed for daily prizes, and the top three winners advanced to the final week's qualification rounds, where they faced off against our professional parkour competitors. We had athletes from across North America come to compete for the grand prize of $5,000.

One of the main challenges we faced was creating a course that could challenge professional athletes, while still being accessible to the general public who would be competing each day.

We worked with local parkour schools to understand the challenges and identify accessible elements for different skill levels. The qualification round showcased skills with easier elements, while the main course increased in difficulty with each section. The course provided an adrenaline rush for the general public who could typically complete the first two sections, while still challenging professional competitors.

"The course was a huge success, attracting over 40,000 viewers and an estimated 400 participants.

We were scheduled to be a recurring attraction at the CNE for four years and even had the potential to become a TV series. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans were abandoned.

Work in Progress Pics

Smooth Scrolling