Linum Care is a luxury skincare brand that offers all-natural cosmetic products. I was hired to design their logo and develop early packaging concepts.

The company draws inspiration from the Linum flower and has set out to create a modern, honest, and sophisticated design that embodies its core values. The aim is to showcase the natural-based approach of the products while steering clear of the cliché "all-natural" branding that is often linked to similar offerings in the market.

My Role
Graphic Designer and Branding
Linum Care
Project Details
Duration: Jan. - Mar. 2021

Our goal while designing the logo was to create a luxurious and approachable brand identity.

Although the Linum flower held significant importance for the brand, we aimed to avoid making it the sole focus of the logo as it might not appeal to a specific section of the market. Our objective was to create a gender-neutral brand that could cater to both men and women.

While developing the logo, we believed it was crucial to explore some packaging concepts to provide context to the logo and the brand identity as a whole.

During the development stage, we did not have any of the final products ready, so we explored various concepts. We aimed to eliminate any confusion regarding the necessary products by creating a numbering system. The top four products were considered the most crucial for customers to use. This system was implemented to assist customers who might not have an in-depth understanding of skincare, making it easier for them to choose the products they needed.

During the concept round we went through a variety of different concepts and tested them with a group of potential users.

Through our research, we found that male users were more reluctant towards pastel colors or anything floral compared to female users who were hesitant towards more muted color sets. As a result, we opted for the green leaf text, which seemed to appeal to both parties' conflicting needs.

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