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Hi there

Chadwick Dewey

Hi there,

I am an Industrial Designer & UX Designed focused on human-centered experience design.

I am an Industrial & UX/UI Designer with +6 years of experience conceptualizing and engineering products for various industries. 1.2 million products I took part in designing have been sold worldwide in the technology space(some of the products include: radomes, wifi routers, antenna brackets for a variety of wireless tech). I also have an extensive career in small-batch manufacturing and custom design elements for event spaces, retail, tech, home goods, cosmetics, and entertainment spaces. I have helped many development teams conceptualize, create design solutions prototypes, and budget several industrial design elements of projects ranging from $5,000 - $750,000 in groups of 2-23 people. My career and skill set have often placed me between the creative and the technical, helping both sides understand each other more.

UX / UI Designer & Industrial Designer
based in Toronto, Canada

Dual American/Canadian Citizen

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Industries I've Worked In

- Product Development
- Technology Design

- Manufacturing
- Themed Entertainment
- Event Design
- Retail Design

- Digital Content Creation
- Marketing
- Branding
- Print / Film
- Graphic Design


design portfolio

User Interface Design

Web Design

App Design

Accessibility Audit

Graphic Design


"The focus is upon how people interact with technology. The goal is to enhance people's understanding of what can be done, what is happening, and what has just occurred. Interaction design draws upon principles of psychology, design, art, and emotion to ensure a positive, enjoyable experience." - Donald A. Norman

- The Design of Everyday Things -

UX/UI Portfolio



BluCard is a loyalty program application designed to help small businesses compete against large box stores while encouraging the community to shop locally.

Linum 2.png

Graphic Identity Exploration


Linum Care is an all-natural mid-level luxury cosmetic startup. Based on the Linum flower, they wanted a modern, slick yet honest design language. They wanted to be natural-based but not revolving around the cliche "all-natural" branding of most 'all-natural' products.

#branding  #marketing  #logo design  #graphic identity
Product Design


design portfolio

Industrial Design

Ergonomic Design

Design Thinking





The Professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. 

- Industrial Design Society of America


Toronto International Film Festival 2019


tarot lounge

COVE Tarot Reading and Bar Lounge was a mystic-inspired bar & lounge created for the Cannabis company COVE for the tiff 2019. The COVE Loung transported guests to a mystical forest where mist bellow from your cocktail. Where a witch sat at a glowing rune inscribe table to tell you your fortunes. 

#graphic design  #custom fabrication  #lighting design  #event design  #interior design  #themed entertainment design

4th Year Thesis Project



INVERT is a new perspective on a river rapid boat system. Flipping the direction of the seats allows for easy access and added thrill. In addition, this reconfiguration allows ACESS (glide-chair system) to connect into the boat seating easily.

ACESS is a mobility assistant design solution that utilizes a glide track system specially designed for theme parks. Its unique design eliminates the need to transfer between the chair and ride by connecting directly into the ride system.

Coming Soon
#research  #ergonomics  #accessability  #academic writing  #ride development  #engineering  #cad  #rendering

THE CNE 2019



The EX Race was an adrenaline-fueled parkour-styled obstacle course created for The CNE Summer 2019 season. The massive course spanned 200 ft wide and rose over 20 ft in the air. Each obstacle was carefully crafted to push our competitors to their limits while thousands of onlookers cheered them on.

#event planning  #site management  #architecter  #branding  #fabrication  #budgeting  #ordering 
the ex race.94930b43.png

Humber 2019 Thesis Show



The Award was designed for Humbers 2019 Thesis Show. The jagged form offset by the curvaceous interior elements provides a contrasting and elegant design language. The use of multiple acrylic forms and the clever use of laser-cut edges provide a sharp contrast design language.

#scultureal design  #concept development  #small batch manufacturing  #fabrication  #material design

2 Time Award Winning Design


FORO is a lounge seating solution designed for the agile workspace.

FORO's use of bend plywood mix with tubular steel provides a retro classical design language that injects a domestic warmth to the workplace. Using form to solve the user's needs, we avoid the use of adjusting parts. Instead, allow users to assume a more casual seating posture, opening up the opportunity for various usages.

Coming Soon
#ergonomic design  #research  #fabrication  #manufacturing  #branding  #team building
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