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Toronto International Film Festival 2019

Artboard 6.png

Tarot Lounge

COVE Lounge was a mystical forest-inspired bar & lounge created for tiff 2019. On one side of the lounge was a bar billowing with smoke from the cannabis-infused cocktails made and chilled using dry ice to provide an ethereal experience. On the other side, a glowing Tarot Card table inscribed with runes sits fortune-telling, ready to read your future.

Cove Master Vectors-01.png
Cove Master Vectors-01.png
Cove Master Vectors-01.png


I worked as the principal Industrial Designer creating the custom Tarot Cards and a Tarot Reading Desk.



I worked as the principal designer creating the custom tarot card and tarot card reading desk. I borrowed elements from the COVE Brand for the design, such as circles and minimalistic design language, and wove it with spiritual symbols such as zodiac symbols, runes, etc. 

Tarot Cable

The COVE logo is surrounded by a circle full of runes presenting the mystical art of divination through runes. The five circles around the pentagram represent the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Spirit.


The tabletop was created using an acrylic sheet, and the designs were then CNC Etched into them. LED strips placed on all four sides illuminated the designs inside. 

Cove Master Vectors-02.png

Tarot Card

For the design of the tarot cards, I wove elements such as the Celtic runes and zodiac symbols inside. The four main suits of the tarot deck: cups, awards, wands, and coins, are depicted on all four sides of the cards.

Cove Master Vectors-03.png
Cove Master Vectors-04.png



Cove Master Vectors-01.png


Celtic Runes

Zodiac Side


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