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Glass River Clock is a smart clock designed to lighten the stress that time puts on us. Throughout history, we have tried to be more accurate in the way we calculate time; becoming increasingly precise with every invention slowly enslaving us more and more to the ticking of the clock. Glass Rivers Clock face is designed with a simplified interface allowing you to receive an estimate of the time without the stress of unneeded details. As well as utilize technology such as Bluetooth and AI assistants to connect you to the world while filtering out unneeded distractions.   

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An Oasis in a Desert of Time

The concept is simple by removing the numbers on a clock interface our mind will then assume an estimate of the actually time without getting stressed over the details. However, that's not enough for truly relax someone so by extended the clock interface and designing a flowing river inside it has a feeling of a work of art rather than just a clock. Furthermore, by adding technology into it to make it a smart clock you will have the comfort of knowing it will remind you when an important time approaches. 




"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames

The river graphic inside the clock is outfitted with a programmable LED screen that can change colours to remind you of upcoming events. When resting on the clock will have a blue tone, and the river animation will be flowing slowly. When the deadline reaches 20mins away (or whenever your program it to) the river will begin flowing fast and will transition into purple. When the alarm goes off it will turn red, and the river will double its speed and even flash or be accompanied by an alarm sound of your choosing. 


This can all be controlled through an app on your Smartphone or with your voice if connected to an AI system like Google Home. The built-in speakers and microphone will allow you to program deadlines, as for the reminder update or even the exact time if you need it, and all the other benefits of an AI assistant. 


"Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas." Tom Wujec

The original concept had the river flowing through the centre of the clock made from different layers of epoxy resin. The layers would have distinct hues of blue, aqua, and violet this would allow for more depth to the river's overall appearance. This process was used to build the prototype. 


However, the epoxy resin is too lengthy for manufacturing so during the production process the pieces will be laser cut out of translucent acrylic sheets. Plywood pieces along with the acrylic sheets will be glued together and then affixed into a plywood frame. All visible wood will be covered with wood veneer of the customer's choice.   

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