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Connect with local businesses


BluCard is a mobile app designed to help local businesses connect with their communities and build brand loyalty. At the same time, removing the kinks and barriers existing programs face.


Concept Development

User Research

Front End Development


Kynite Inc. Development (Chadwick Co-Founded the Startup)


2020 June - December

My Role

UI UX Designer

Product Designer

User Research

Design Strategy


Branding Design

Creative Direction


Kynite Inc. aimed to develop a product to help local businesses stay competitive against larger corporations with multiple locations, larger marketing budgets, and multimillion-dollar loyalty programs. This project was created to discover and create solutions to these problems. I was hired as the Primary Product Designer for this project and then late became co-founder and art director for the project.


Project Main Goals 

  • Conduct research to find the current issues

  • Develop solutions to discovered issues

  • Create a user interface based on the solution

  • Create a solid brand to be used for marketing to gain funding


Create a loyalty program and app to help small businesses compete against giant corporations and encourage their local community to shop local.



  • Customers

    • Create an app to encourage users to shop local

    • Wanted the app to remove the complexity and confusion generally around loyalty programs

  • Business

    • Create a loyalty program design for smaller business 

    • Allow the smaller business to access our database of loyal consumers 

  • Built a brand for BluCard that would be strong enough to build trust in local businesses.

Design Approach

Persona. Small Business Owner



  • An effective way to connect with customers
  • Way of creating loyalty with customers
  • A cost-effective way to get discovered

  • A way of tracking customers' experience

Digital Devices​

  • POS 

  • Cellphone

  • Tablet

  • Computer


HOW MIGHT WE create a app that will put large & small businesses on an EQUAL PLAYING FIELD?

The Solution



Opportunity 1

HOW MIGHT WE create an app that will put large & small businesses on an EQUAL PLAYING FIELD?

  • Remove the ability to pay for marketing to show up on in-app search engines. Instead, our search engine is purely location-based and will show the nearest business around you.

  • We have a section called Featured Partners of the Day to promote other local businesses, which randomly selects local companies based on the type of business you tend to shop for. These can easily curate by asking our in-app personal assistant blu to recalibrate your interests.

  • Prove a loyalty brand that one-off small businesses can connect on and do not need multiple locations to utilize the benefits of a loyalty program.

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Opportunity 2

HOW MIGHT WE create a way for businesses to connect with their customers & create a positive, more effective line of COMMUNICAITON?

  • Creating one app that utilizes convenience tech such as geolocation and beacons to automatically notify you when entering a bluCard location or recommend nearby locations.

  • Providing immediate gratification by offering discounts at every location rather than providing an award and point system that delays the reward.

  • Offers a consistent minimum and maximum discount at all locations so customers know when they see the blu logo they are about to save money.

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Opportunity 3

HOW MIGHT WE remove the complexity most loyalty programs face?

  • We remove complex elements such as not having to log in every time you access your app.

  • Use GEO location and beacons to notify you when entering a store so you do not have to remember which location is a partner.

  • Features such as BluSuggestions will help you discover unique establishments in your area.

  • Receiving discounts upfront rather than delaying the reward.

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